Autumn B.-Designer of FOUR™ & Avery-Designer of Trap-Goat™ & Hvy is the Head™ -Interviewed by Black Destiny

Autumn & Avery have been married for 9 years and have 4 beautiful children together. They are originally from Virginia with their family settling in the Maryland area. They both sell their pieces exclusively on BMA™ platform.

"What does it mean to be black and in love?"

  "To me, it's genuine respect, growth, and understanding of one another in every capacity."-Autumn B.

"Well, damn." Avery laughed. "Being black and in love to me means trust, being able to provide, and overall protection of my family unit."

"When did you all fall in love?"

"I don't think we "fell" in love. I believe his actions towards me and him keeping his word was the love. Love is more of an action for me. That so called "feeling" could just be lust. But I knew he loved me by what he did for me, how he talked to me, how he held me, and what he trusted me with."-Autumn B.

"I knew she loved me when she stood by me when I was in hard times.When someone is willing to go through the struggle with you, she deserves the world. We were young when we first got married so it had its challenges but overall she stood beside me as I became the man she needed me to be for her and for myself."-Avery B.

"What is the most important lessons/challenges you are learning while married?"

"Communicate!! Learn how to. Learn what tone to use when talking to you spouse because tone is everything! Don't be afraid to talk about shit!"-Autumn B.

"Balance. How to balance providing, being a father, being present for the family but also for myself. I'm a Libra so I need balance."-Avery B.

The media intentionally portrays black love to be non-existent. They will show rage, anger, sadness, oppression, divisiveness and all these negative emotions we go through being in this world. But they never show the unity, love, charity or our community efforts. We must know WE can re-create our reality and no outside source can define our love for one another. -Black Destiny 


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